Futbolist joined
the esports sector in 2017

1 x Clash Royale M.E.O Red Bull Turkey Championshiptrophies, making us the most successful and the winning team in Turkey. We are also the only club to win championships in 4 different games in Turkey. In 2020 we are competing in PUBG, PUBG Mobile, FIFA (Ultimate Team), FIFA (Pro Clubs – 11vs11), TFT, Hearthstone and Clash Royale with 57 players in total. Our sponsors are Red Bull, Planet, Head&Shoulders and Puma. We are based in Istanbul and our goal is to become one of the top 5 clubs in Europe and one of the top 10 clubs in the world. With the exclusive NDA and partnership agreement between us and EA, producer of the Fifa game series, Futbolist is also the only club that has to rights to represent EA and organize Fifa events in Turkey. We collaborate in projects such as TÜSF approved university espor league as well.
We see our players as “elite professional athletes”. That’s why we have a physiotherapist as a member of our club, to show our players the correct way of posture and stretching exercises and to take care of their bodies properly. Aside from mental and tactical coaching our players receive in FIFA; we also have a professional scouting program. We have a strategic partnership with STARK esports agency from Germany which is the biggest FIFA agency in the world.
For PUBG and PUBGM teams we have a team manager and a coach, and do scheduled boot camps regularly for training and before every major tournament. All of the boot camps happen in our content creation center in Istanbul with dedicated streaming, playing and training sections. Futbolist also leads in the field of streaming with our professional streaming room, professional streamers and content creation.
Decisions are taken by partners Cesur and Sinan, which allows for a robust and decisive club management. We look for top talents and promising young players to make history and secure the future together with.

Our players compete online in the tournament finals and in Istanbul, Antalya, Sofia, Bucharest, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Manchester, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Riyadh, Dubai, Male (Maldives), Montreal, Atlanta and Mumbai. has done.
Besides esports, Futbolist is also active in entertainment, broadcasting, content production and lifestyle fields.
The first international FIFA tournament was held in Turkey in the year 2017. Live broadcasts are made every week on our Twitch channel. In addition, contents such as “Which of You”, “Let’s See”, “Did You Know”, “What’s Happening” are also produced.
Futbolist’s sponsors are Red Bull, Yemeksepeti, PUMA, ininal and ByNoGame.
The football player struggles with the “FUT” tricot in tournaments.
Our support hashtag in social media and tournaments is #FUTWIN.


As part of the footballist family, we are proud to work with partners representing industry-leading brands. Our goal is to work closely and collaboratively with partners to improve the esports entertainment experience for all. We implement a wide variety of ideas and creative solutions during partner activations, and we are fortunate that our partners share our vision and commitment to high quality experiences.


Got the skills, talent, and drive to represent Futbolist? Show us your stuff!


Football player in the rankings of the year 2020,
16th in the world rankings in the FIFA branch.
6th in the world ranking in the PUBG Mobile branch.
It was 8th in the European ranking in the VALORANT branch.
Our goals for 2021 are to be one of the best 5 clubs in Europe and one of the 20 best clubs in the world in at least 3 branches.
The purpose of the willing Futbolist In addition to winning players with the best level of success, disciplined and talented players are representing Turkey abroad Remove the next level.



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